The art of fine furniture manufacturing is part of the soul that continues to define Collaro.
Starting out as small upholstery shop in Johannesburg, the high-level quality of products manifested into a knew found passion for developing sophisticated unconventional manufacturing techniques, that were beyond the realms of the average furniture shop in South Africa.

These carefully developed techniques have meticulously evolved over time, and are enjoyed by customers and designers alike. The quality that is valued by artisans of furniture is true to the Collaro philosophy; artistic perfection governed by the technical limits of raw materials.

This craftsmanship and pride in manufacturing exclusively in South Africa, is unmistakably evident in our continuous investment and commitment to the artisans that create luxurious furniture.

The close relationship between vendors small or large is characterised by the made to order design demands, in turn this process is part of the formula that assists with gearing the factory to undertake individual clients or large hotel groups.
With the manufacturing ability to take on large scale projects and installations. Numerous manufacturing processes are accomplished under one colossal 3800 m2 manufacturing plant.

Today we have developed rapid prototyping techniques, that are suited for customised projects looking for that exclusive tailor made look.